Giving the best of ourselves to our clients everyday

The difference between a good community and a great one is determined by its amenities. That's why NFC exists - to provide your property with an unrivaled team of amenity experts that is well versed in client satisfaction. Our company has more than a decade of experience providing facility management, design, programming and social planning services to more than 200 communities across the country, and we have made a name for ourselves as the nation's leading provider of luxury lifestyle services.


Since 2006, NFC has led the way as the nation's top exclusive amenity management company for residential facilities, luxury high-rise condominiums, apartments, master planned and gated communities, as well as hotels, resorts and spas. We have a roster of clients with a wide geographic reach -- from Miami to Manhattan to San Francisco -- and many places in between.

What makes our company so unique is the extent of our capabilities. NFC's team of hospitality experts is the only within the industry that can manage all aspects of the amenities within your property. And, not only do we provide clients with a comprehensive set of services, we also guarantee a flawless process and delivery at an affordable cost.


NFC Amenity currently has over 2,000 service minded team members based in the following states: New York, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Texas, California, Colorado and Washington.